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"The Dark Crystal" Prequel Is Here — And A Perfect Show For 2019

Jim Henson is arguably one of the most famous storytellers of all time. His creations – the Muppets, Sesame Street, and his films like Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal – have touched all our lives in one way or another. In the 1970s, Henson was on a career high, having succeeded at both the beloved Muppet Show and Sesame Street. During that time, he was interested in making a movie that used the craft of puppetry to tell a story for adult audiences, and in 1982, the world saw The Dark Crystal. Wi

Vibrant neighbourhood or tourist magnet? Puerto Rico shows hidden cost of urban renewal

Residents say that quality of life is under threat from increasing tourism and rising rents that are pushing out young people and poorer families SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - Walking through the hip San Juan neighbourhood (barrio) of Machuchal, it is hard to miss the house painted bright yellow, green and red, with a sign on the side reading "Casa Taft 169". The building in the Puerto Rican capital had been abandoned for nearly 40 years and was declared a "public nuisance" by the municipal governme

Necromancy Cosmetica Is a Goth Beauty Brand Giving Back to Puerto Rico

Before you even step inside Necromancy Cosmetica, you get a feel for the company’s preference for the occult. With its black storefront, the brick and mortar stands out among the empty storefronts on Calle de Diego in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. Inside, this small boricua lipstick company – which tends to favor dark tones – is making a splash in the cosmetics world by tapping into the world of goth. Started by couple Desiree Rodríguez (Des) and Salvador Pérez (Zal) four years ago, Necromancy is a

Real-Life Issues Meet Fantasy Worlds On "Carnival Row"

Since the rise of civilization, empires of man have always forced innocent people to be displaced. There are many names we give those seeking a new home after displacements. Refugee, asylee: but no matter what status they may be provided, they are all immigrants. Immigration is a topic that has been making headlines across the world, and it’s also one of the primary themes in Amazon Prime’s newest fantasy series Carnival Row, staring Orlando Bloom, Cara Delevingne, Tamzin Merchant, David Gyasi,

Midwives & Doulas Were Critical Healthcare Providers After Hurricane Maria — And Are Still Filling A Gap Today

One week after Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, only 33 hospitals were functioning on the entire island. Cases of pink eye and other infections spiked due to a lack of hygiene, according to the Washington Post. Sweltering hospitals were beyond their capacity running on diesel-fueled generators. The combination of a lack of power, overcapacity, and other accidents indirectly caused the deaths of many Puerto Ricans. After 11 months of maintaining that 64 people had been killed as a result of th

"Blackbird" Is A Magical Drama Centered On Latinx Sisters In L.A.

Two sisters: one remembers magic, the other doesn't, and neither is supposed to know that magic even exists. This comic may sound like something from the Harry Potter series, but it is a lot sexier and way more colorful, featuring Latinx women, Los Angeles, beautiful people, and a hint of CW-esque drama. This is Sam Humphries' and Jen Bartel’s newest work, Blackbird. Our two sisters are named Marisa and Nina Rodriguez. Nina, the younger sister, has a feeling something terrible is going to happe

Meet Jorge Corona, Whose Stunning Visuals in Comic 'Middlewest' Help Challenge Toxic Masculinity

With the rise of female-centered stories, there are signs that gender dynamics in comics are shifting. However, progress has not come quickly in the last 100 years of comics, sexism and machismo are still present in the pages of these publications. So when writer Skottie Young first came up with the idea to write Middlewest – the coming-of-age story of a boy and his relationship with his father – he didn’t think about the term toxic masculinity. He instead focused on writing a fantastical story

“Goddess Mode” Is A Cyberbunk Comic Full Of Tech, Magic, And Girl Power

The cyberpunk genre has given us some of our greatest pop culture feminist icons: Furiosa in Mad Max, Major Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shell. Now, comic writer, author and game developer Zoë Quinn has given us four other badass women navigating a fucked-up future. Set in a world where technology makes air breathable and water drinkable, Goddess Mode centers on Cassandra Price, a brilliant woman with some serious hacker skills who makes a living as a system administrator to a corporation ca

Michelle Obama Emphasizes The Importance Of Women's Stories While Kicking Off Book Tour In Chicago

Michelle Obama is an inspiration to countless women, including this writer. When I found out I had been approved to cover the kick-off to her Becoming book tour in her and my home city of Chicago, I was thrilled. The night was one of candid conversation and deep reflection. We all know Michelle Obama as the former First Lady, as a former lawyer, and as a graduate of Harvard Law School and Princeton. We know about her life in the White House and the microscope she lived under for eight years. In

Erotic Sci-Fi Graphic Novel "Open Earth" Explores Polyamory In Space

Relationships and sex have been topics of discussion and subjects of art since the beginning of time. We’ve seen sex depicted in cave paintings, Egyptian hieroglyphs, and Greek frescos. Due to the Christian Protestant history of the United States, our overall culture privileges heteronormative, monogamous relationships; however, things are changing. As our culture continues to shift, so do our views on what a healthy and happy relationship looks like. In Open Earth, author Sarah Mirk takes the

Joëlle Jones Is The First Woman To Both Write And Draw Catwoman

Comic book artist and writer Joëlle Jones draws some of the most beautiful women you will see on a seven-panel page. In her world, women are strong, sexual, vulnerable, and absolutely stunning. But beyond their looks, Jones has an amazing way of portraying women in complex ways, showcasing their dirty, clumsy, human mistakes. In her most recent project, Jones puts her talent, wit, and sharp pen to one of the most famous felines, Catwoman. A feat that shouldn’t be undermined—she is the first wom

Rosario Dawson Works For Puerto Rican Hurricane Recovery With Comic In "Ricanstruction: Reminiscing & Rebuilding Puerto Rico": BUST Interview

It has been ten months since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. Since then, we have seen horror stories come out of the island, as well as stories of true heroism. We've seen grassroots organizations come together to send over supplies, and have learned of the heroes on the island literally saving lives. Although Puerto Rico is no longer actively in the news, those helping Puerto Rico have not stopped their efforts. While the cable news cycle may be obsessing over the president’s latest tweet, peo

"Eternity Girl" Is An Imaginative, Darkly Funny Comic About Depression

The power to never die sounds like dream—unless you are a person dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts. The character Chrysalis in the comic series Eternity Girl is living just that scenario, and it's a nightmare for her. With pastel-bright colors and dark humor, comic creator Mags Visaggio brings to light two important issues that comics don’t always talk about: depression and suicide. These themes have been explored in just a few other comics, such as Tom King’s Mr. Miracle and Neil G

Fabiola's family journey

Twenty years ago Fabiola trekked the treacherous desert for three hours alone with her three children: Jorge, Celia and Euridice. They left Mexico and arrived at the U.S. border with hopes for a better future. In the United States, Fabiola had three more children born as U.S. citizens. This year, Fabiola and her three eldest children became lawful permanent residents. It wasn’t an easy or quick journey. Their path to legal status was only opened because they qualified for a U visa, a special v

In Loiza the Fight for Property Rights Has a Long History

At the end of the road in the community of Tocones in Loiza, Puerto Rico, the waves gently crash against the coast. Overlooking the beach, flanked by condominium developments, is an empty lot. It’s an unremarkable space, defined by nothing but the wall of the adjacent Costamar Beach Village. Accompanying us down the road to see this land is local artist Samuel Lind. The only things living on the vacant land are scrubby grass and a few small trees. But this lot is a memorial, reminding loiceños o

Chelsea Cain is ready 'to make a fuss' with Man-Eaters

Periods. Let’s talk about them. All women have them, and in New York Times bestselling author Chelsea Cain’s kick-ass new comic book, Man-Eaters, they’re a pretty big part of the story. You may have heard Cain’s name in the news recently. Last week, Marvel Comics canceled Cain’s upcoming series, The Vision. “I gave them everything I had, twice — on Mockingbird and on The Vision," Cain tells SYFY FANGRRLS. "And on The Vision, I brought my whole family. Me. My husband, Marc. Our daughter, Eliza

Lori Lightfoot Is Running Against Her Old Boss, Rahm Emanuel, for Mayor of Chicago

Lori Lightfoot will bring winds of change to Chicago. The 55-year-old recently announced her bid for mayor of the city—one of nine candidates who have declared they will run against incumbent Rahm Emanuel, President Obama's former chief of staff. If elected, Lightfoot will be the first African American woman and the first openly gay person to hold the position. She’s hoping to usher in “a progressive era in city government” and to get rid of the us vs. them narrative that has dominated life in

Women Are Being Harassed at Music Festivals in Scary Numbers—WTF Is Going On?

During three hot, sticky days in August, a large chunk of Lake Shore Drive and Grant Park is off-limits to native Chicagoans. That space is reserved for one of the nation's largest music festivals: Lollapalooza, a three-day musical extravaganza that attracts fans from all over the country. Last year Mimi Stern was in attendance. The 24-year-old sexual assault crisis counselor had just moved to Chicago when she heard about an opportunity to volunteer with Our Music My Body (OMMB), an organizatio